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Get your FREE National Fraud Score to learn how to protect your identity.

The National Fraud Score measures your risk for mistaken identity – a serious threat that could cost you your job or land you in jail. In addition, National Fraud Score also measures your risk for having your money or identity stolen. It only takes a few minutes – and can help protect yourself. In addition to an onscreen score, your emailed detailed analysis guides you – and suggests steps to protect what you've worked so hard for.

Mistaken Identity is Growing Faster than Identity Theft

MyPublicInfo also offers a Public Information Profile (PIP), the most comprehensive, in-depth, detailed summary available of your public records information. MPI assembles all this data into one single, easy-to-read document. When you order a PIP, your report will include over 10 billion records, with new data sources added on a continuing basis. These records include:

  • Federal, State and County records
  • Financial records like bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Property ownership records, including one billion acres of satellite and aerial photos
  • Government-issued and other licenses
  • Law enforcement records for felony and misdemeanor convictions
  • UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) records that reveal the availability of assets for attachment or seizure Internet sites that reference you
  • Personal Details
  • Address History from Credit Bureaus
  • Unclaimed Assets held by states, HUD, and the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

A PIP can protect your from identity theft and alert you to potential cases of mistaken identity.


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